Roof Line

Roofline refers to the wood or upvc plastic boarding around your home between the roof and the walls. Usually, this is where guttering is fixed, but not all roof sides have guttering (gable ends). Guttering is also included in the term Roofline.We charge on average £999 inc vat & fitting for a typical semi.Traditionally, roofline was wooden and I’m sure you’ve all suffered or witnessed flaking and rotting timbers around the roofs of properties. Left untreated, you eventually get leaks and bad weather will force its way through.

Very often, the rot goes beyond the visible timbers and affects those that hold flashing in place. This is when water is most likely to leak through and into the inside of the house.

Re-painting wooden roofline is a yearly chore and not a very pleasant one either. Balancing off a wobbly ladder with paintbrush in hand (if the weather allows you) – it’s not much fun and it’s then that the thought of not having to do it again next year is usually most appealing.

Upvc roofline has become the modern material of choice. Like its window counterpart, it doesn’t need re-painting, is extremely low maintenance and doesn’t rot.

Upvc Roofline doesn’t just come in white. You can very often specify dark or light woodgrain effects as well. To complement the colour of upvc windows or doors etc.

To help identify the individual parts that make up roofline, here’s a quick guide:

roof lineGuttering – its the half pipe and whole downpipes that collect rain water from the roof edges and take it to drainage on the ground. This also includes the clips that the guttering fixes to the roofline with.

Now available in square as well as round pipe and is also available in different colours.

Fascia – this is the boarding that guttering normally fixes to. Its usually straight lengths.

Bargeboards – these are the fascia boards that follow gable end rooflines. They are usually cut to form a neat join at the apex of the roof (eaves end) and the gable end (where bargeboard meets fascia).

Soffits – this is the boarding that runs right angle to the wall surface, facing downwards. Its very often ventilated with mesh covered slots to allow roof space to breathe.

roof lineCladding – this is the ‘overlapping planking’ you see on some properties either in gable ends, or on walls. Again traditionally wooden, wooden cladding can soon need re-painting, is prone to rotting and letting damp affect interior walls. This is also available in insulated upvc cladding in a tongue and groove / overlapping style.

When having roofline replaced, if its replacing wooden roofline, then its important to check the felt underneath. This is usually the point at which felt deteriorates.

To get a quote-


  • First contact us and we will arrange a quick 5-10 minute FREE no-hassle quote at a time to suit you (NO REPS).
  • If you decide to place an order with us below is what you can expect, we will –
  • Completely remove all your old timber roofline, fascias, soffits, guttering and barge boards.
  • Slide the first / second row of tiles back and remove all the old corroded felt.
  • Dress and remove all the rotten spar ends, then build up or cut them back to make sure they are all level.
  • Attach 9mm tongue & Groove style uPVC soffit boards to the underside of the spars.
  • Attach 18mm solid uPVC fascia boards to the front of the spars.
  • Attach 18mm solid uPVC barge boards.
  • Install new Dpc under the tiles to overlap into the guttering.
  • Install bird guard if required and requested.
  • Replace your roof tiles back into the correct position.
  • Inspect, replace or patch up all cement that has been dislodged.
  • Install new guttering at the correct angle to allow the water to displace quicker.
  • Install new Down- pipes.
  • Full gable re-point if agreed prior to installation.
  • Inspect the roofline installation with yourself.
  • Tidy up and remove all the rubbish from the site.
  • Contact us through our main site or call 0800 052 0060.

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